David Morrison: Iraq



Blair's legacy: Hundreds of thousands dead, Britain less safe (Feb 2007)
Iraq WAS a US ally in the "war on terror" (Nov 2006)
The Attorney-General's legal advice was sound (March 2006)
Iraq: How regime change was dressed up as disarmament (Dec 2005)
Iraq: Lies, Half-truths & Omissions (2nd edition, May 2004)

Leaked British Government documents on Iraq

Complaint to BBC about John Simpson

Evidence to Foreign Affairs Select Committee

Memorandum (Jun 2003)
Letter to Chairman (Nov 2003)
Memorandum (Nov 2003)

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Jul Chilcot: Iraq was a war of choice

Jul How Blair sought to avoid responsibility at Chilcot


Nov Did Tony Blair really apologise for the Iraq war?

Nov Did Blair secretly promise Bush regime change in March 2002?

Nov Lies, half-truths and omissions on the road to war against Iraq

Nov Was Britain's military action in Iraq legal?

Nov Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the wider fallout from the Iraq invasion


Jan The invasion of Iraq: the basic facts


Dec How Blair dressed up regime change as disarmament

Mar On British "success" in Iraq


Aug On terminating the foreign presence on Iraqi lands

Jan US to have troops in Iraq for 50 years?


Aug Iraq: Campbell reveals little

Jul The Brown inheritance: British troops dying for nothing, Britain less safe

May Blair admits terrorist blowback

May John Simpson's cock and bull story

May Iraq does not possess any weapons of mass destruction, said Hussein Kamel in 1995

Jan No guarantee for success, says Iraq Study Group


Dec Iraq WAS ally in the "war on terror"

Jul Deaths in Iraq are not due to invasion, says Blair

Mar The Attorney-General's legal advice was sound

Mar Blair solidly with Bush

Feb US administration's misleading on Iraq

Feb Iraqi & Pakistani civilians expendable

Jan Meyer confirms Blair's big lie ...

Jan Iraq: Is the US about to declare victory and leave?


Nov The invasion of Iraq: Justification number 3

Nov Uranium from Africa ...

Sep Robin Cook: Man of integrity?

Aug The London bombings: Blair forced to change spin

Jul The London bombings: Britain's blood price

Mar Iraq: On the road to democracy?

Mar The Volcker Report on the Oil-for-Food Programme

Mar Lebanon & other tales of the onward march of "freedom & democracy"

Feb "Freedom and democracy" American-style

Jan Iraq & Israel: Double Standards


Dec Iraq: Ultimately more lives will be saved?

Dec Does the Iraqi Army exist?

Nov Iraq Survey Group: Straw clutches at straws

Nov Ken Bigley: A barbaric killing?

Nov Blair: A case to answer

Nov Unions reverse policy on Iraq

Oct Blair backed regime change in March 2002

Oct The invasion of Iraq: not a humanitarian intervention

Aug Kamel: What Butler didn't ask

Aug Blair: Serial purveyor of false information

Jun Iraq: The end of occupation?

May UN: On the side of the occupiers

May Abu Ghraib: Who gave the orders?

May Scarlett appointment

Apr The invasion of Iraq: Not a humanitarian intervention

Mar Iraq: The Transitional Administrative Law

Feb 45 minute claim: The incredible ignorance of Blair

Feb The Hutton report: Government not cleared

Jan Iraq: The end of occupation?

Jan Blair goes to Basra

Jan Iraq: Another Vietnam?

Jan Iraq: The main battleground in the war on terrorism?

Jan Straw speak


Dec Britain in the firing line

Resolution 1511: Selling off Iraq - with a little help from the UN

Iraq: Opposition calls for judicial inquiry

Kenneth Clarke on Iraq

Jonathan Powell's "bit of a problem"

ISC report: Dossier not justified by intelligence

The occupation forces in Iraq

45 minutes from doom

Iraq now a failed state

FCO report: Surprise, surprise, Government not guilty

Poland joins the occupation

Short on Blair

Parris on Blair

All weapons were destroyed, said Kamel

WMD: The hunt is just beginning, says Blair

France didn't say No to military action, just not yet

Iraq: Occupation authorised by UN

Jun The Project for the New American Century

May Who's who in the Coalition of the Willing

Iraq after Saddam Hussein