David Morrison: Iraq - Leaked British Government documents

Documents leaked to the Daily Telegraph in September 2004

Memo to Blair from his Foreign Policy adviser, Sir David Manning (14 March 2002)
Memo to Manning from the British Ambassador to Washington, Christopher Meyer (18 March 2002)
Memo to Straw from the Political Director of the Foreign Office, Peter Ricketts (22 March 2002)
Memo to Blair from Straw (25 March 2002)
Iraq: Options Paper by the Cabinet Office (8 March 2002)
Iraq: Legal Background (8 March 2002)

Documents published in the Sunday Times in May/June 2005

Minutes of the Prime Minister's Iraq meeting on 23 July 2002 aka The Downing Street Memo
Cabinet Office paper for the Prime Minister's Iraq meeting (Conditions for Military Action)

My comments on leaked documents

Iraq: How regime change was dressed up as disarmament (Dec 2005)

Transcript of interviews with Blair about these documents

Three interviews with Blair on leaked documents (April/May 2005)
Bush & Blair questioned about Downing Street memo (7 June 2005)

Articles on Downing Street memo

Blair planned Iraq war from start by Michael Smith (Sunday Times, 1 May 2005)
Indignation grows in US over British prewar documents by John Daniszewski (Los Angeles Tines, 12 May 2005)
After Downing Street by Steve Cobble (The Nation, 6 June 2005)
The Secret Way to War by Mark Danner (New York Review of Books, 9 June 2005)