David Cameron on London bombings

BBC, Radio 4, Any Questions, 8 July 2005

with Jonathan Dimbleby


Question:Are we starting to reap that which we have sown?


DC:I donít think, I donít think thatís the right way to look at it.As Simon [Hughes] said, nothing can justify what happened yesterday.The fact that peopleís mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, were murdered brutally in London with those bombs, and watching on the news tonight relatives and family members posting up posters of their loved ones, and trying to find them and hoping beyond hope that theyíre still there is just the most heartbreaking thing to watch.


But weíve got to be clear about this, the 9/11 attacks, the bombs in the Kenyan embassy, the Tanzanian embassy, the first World Trade Center bomb, the attack on the USS Cole, all happened before the Iraq war, and this attack on our way of life and on our values, and freedom in the West.The attack on London was not just an attack on London, or even an attack on free people in London, it was an attack on freedom everywhere.And we have to recognise that, and we have to be clear that this .. there arenít a group of people that we can negotiate with, there arenít a set of things that we can do to stop these people doing what they want to do.


JD:Do you believe ..


DC:Just let me make this point.After 9/11, one of them was quoted in the newspapers saying we donít want to negotiate with you, we want to kill you.And we need to recognise that we are up against evil, and we have confront it and we cannot appease it.


JD:ÖYou sound as if you are arguing that the Iraq issue was irrelevant.Do you believe that?


DC:No, I donít believe that it is irrelevant, but what Iím saying is that there were a whole sequence of attacks, and murderous attacks, like the 9/11 attack that happened way before this, and we sometimes forget that those other attacks Ė on the US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, the attack on the USS Cole Ė all those attacks were before anything happened in Iraq, and so we have to be clear that what Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda is doing, is an attack on our way of life, and theyíre also actually trying to divide us amongst ourselves, to divide Christians and Jew and Hindus from Muslims in this country and we mustnít let that happen.Weíve got to be very clear about this.